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 Emergency board-up



Our technical capabilities cover the full spectrum of asbestos removal/abatement and inspection services.

Asbestos inspections for:

  • Permits and condition assessments,
  • Quantity and cost estimating,
  • Preparation of bid documents,
  • Management plans and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program development.


As commercial movers, Ridgeline is the industry leader in providing the highest quality services at competitive prices. We want to cater to the needs of your business and your budget, ensuring that your office move best suits your unique requirements and challenges.You'll be all smiles because RIDGELINE is sure to deliver the most courteous, efficient, friendly and stress-free service you've ever experienced!


Ridgeline offers emergency board up services to help you prepare for the upcoming storm. We all know how badly a storm can damage your place of business. With our team, you can properly board up your place of business to restrict the amount of damage it suffers. This way, you won’t have to go bankrupt repairing your property following the storm. Remember, this is an investment, you don’t want to go through another storm without our emergency board up service.



We take all of the necessary precautions, and we complete each job in accordance with all of the regulations set up by the EPA and OSHA. Whether your building is a small, suburban home,an old, family restaurant or a large commercial building, we’ll provide you with lead paint abatement procedures that will return your property to the utmost health and security.

Ridgeline also repaints following stripping operations and replaces removed lead-painted components like doors, windows and casework. This provides a one-contract turnkey operation.

Have A Look At What RIDGELINE Can Do For You:


Building owners and construction contractors often turn to Ridgeline when an interior and/or exterior demolition project requires innovative solutions to unique construction problems.

We are best known for our ability to work safely and effectively under challenging conditions with tight time frames and high risk associated with intricate and often irreplaceable building components and design features.


The real estate referral agent is one of the highest paid jobs on the planet*

We hold licenses for Texas Real Estate Agents who do not have the time or interest to work the business - but still want to make referral money from professional and personal contacts.

Sample Commission Split:

You refer Buyer Bob to Agent Mary who gets a 3% commission.  Bob buys a house for $250,000.00
Agent Mary's 3% commission = $7,500.00
ReferAgent℠ (You) gets 20% = $1,500.00