DALLAS, TX                                                                    KILLEEN/FORT CAVAZOS, TX                                                         CEDAR HILL, TX                                                                 

We Care

Giving Back

​At Ridgeline we do our best to foster a company culture that encourages and celebrates charitable giving, volunteerism and local and international mission trips. We look forward to sharing more with you concerning past and planned trips for the future. 


In an effort to reduce waste and increase community benefit, Ridgeline partners with local nonprofit agencies to encourage clients to donate usable items to charity and to dispose of trash and recyclables properly. For items not suitable for reuse including anything ripped, wet, dirty, rusty, broken, stained or smelly proper disposal and recycling (if applicable) of all materials will be performed in accordance with local environmental guidelines and laws. 

Ridgeline partners with nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in an effort to contribute to environmental sustainability by donating salvageable materials and equipment for their use because ❤WE CARE❤.